About Us

ALPA Insurance works all over Texas with a wide range of reputable insurance carriers, to ensure that we can find an affordable policy for you with the coverage you need.

If you’re looking for new insurance, a lower insurance rate, or simply want to switch to a different insurance company, ALPA Insurance is the right company for you — and we could save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance coverage. From car insurance to keep you confident on the road to home insurance for the peace of mind of knowing you’re protecting your most valuable possessions; there’s only one trusted, committed name that should spring to mind — ALPA Insurance.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to provide our clients and their loved ones with the most excellent customer service by offering a variety of coverage that ultimately applies to their needs.


Our responsibility as certified agents is to hear out our customers and know exactly what kind of coverage they are seeking. By knowing our state laws, we know that it is our responsibility to feed our customers with that same knowledge so that we can always get you on the road with the right coverage, without emptying your wallet!

Company Value

At Alpa Auto Insurance we value people and their values.  We protect all of our customers’ rights and benefit all of our customers by working with most top rated companies.